The Opening of US Embassy in Jerusalem Triggers Terrorism

15-05-2018 / B.K.S.A.P.

The Chair of the Committee for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation (BKSAP) of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Nurhayati Ali Assegaf, strongly condemned Trump’s obstinate decision to open thenewly moved US Embassy in Jerusalem despite the fiercecritism from the international community.


 “Trump’s plan previously came under severe criticism from the world for his plan to move US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem last December, but  he insisted to continue with his plan and has just inaugurated the new Embassy in Jerusalem. It sends a clear message that Trump and his administration do not respect the international community. I am afraid if we don’t take any serious action on this issue, it will only spread the anti-US sentiment and will triger new seeds of terrorism,” Nurhayati stated in a release sent to the Parlementaria, Tuesday (5/15/2018).


Furthermore, the Democrat Party politician said that the international world had failed to stop Trump’s provocative policies. She was also wondering why the UN, as the most responsible actor, seemed undisturbed by this policy.


She thought, if the UN did not take any stern measures and oppose Trump’s policy, it would spread the anti-US sentiment and trigger the grow of new seeds of terrorism.


 “The protest of thousands Palestinians has claimed tens of lives and injured hundreds of Palestinian people. The occupier, Israel, has once again abused the human rights. The future of peace looks dim,” said Nurhayati.


Nurhayati, who is also the President of International Humanitarian Law of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and also the President of Geneva Council for International Affairs and Development (GCIAD), urged the UN Security Council to immediately hold an urgent meeting to respond to that reckless US policy.


She added, Indonesian Government had also severely criticized this US policy, but criticism alone was not enough. She urged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to summon the US Ambassador.


“I highly appreciate the criticism from our government, but it has to be followed up by summoning the US Ambassador and delivering a strong protest note. The government must also demand the UN to start an investigation on the death of tens of Palestinian protesters recently. We are a country with the biggest Moslem population. We must play a leading role,” she said.


She further added “On the other hand, the Indonesian House through BKSAP keeps voicing the Palestine’s interest in various parliamentary fora such as the Parliamentary Union of Islamic Countries (PUIC) and IPU demanding concrete steps against the US Policy”.


“The delegation members of the Indonesian House in those forums and ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA) are committed to supporting the struggle of Palestine and condemn the Israel brutal action. I once criticized the Arab countries disunity as a factor that worsen the situation in Palestine. I once also stated firmly that the Unity of Arab countries could contribute significantly to the freedom of Palestine,” she stated. (ann/sc-muiz) 

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