Israeli Flag Raising in Papua Tarnished Indonesia’s Diplomatic Struggle

22-05-2018 / B.K.S.A.P.

Deputy Chairperson of the Committee for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation (BKSAP)of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia, Rofi’ Munawar, called on the security and government to take firm action against the actors of Sion Kids of Papua community parade that raised Israeli flag in Jayapura recently. The raising of Israeli flag had tarnished the diplomatic struggle of Indonesia, he said. 


“If we look at the incident carefully, it is not a cultural event or a religious event, but recognition of existence and cult of Israeli flag of the Jewish state. There was ironically no Indonesian flag at the event,” Rofi’ said in a statement received by Parlementaria, Monday (21/5/2018). 


He said Indonesia had its own regulation on flying flags of other nations that in this case had been violated by Sion Kids community. On the other hand, Indonesia and Israel did not have diplomatic relations. So far, in any state policy and official action Indonesia was always committed to supporting Palestine as independent state as parts of national diplomatic missions. 


The Prosperous Justice Party politician added the raising offoreign flagwas already regulated under government regulation (PP) No. 41/1958 on the use of foreign flags. It was stated on Article 3 Paragraph (1) that if the foreign flags are displayed, they should be equally displayed together with the Indonesian flag. 


“In addition to that, it is stated on Article 6 that the head of the local government may prohibit the hoisting of foreign flags, if it is consideredto cause civil unrest,” he said. 


Rofi said the Sion Kids activity, if observed carefully, was carried out many times and that was not the first. Aside from hoisting the Israeli flag, the community also conducted other activities praising the people of Israel. 


“The local government and security forces should take firm action. It is especially because, according to police statement, the activity was attended by some members of the Papua Regional Legislative Assembly (DPRD) and state civil apparatus. They should have known about the law,” he said.


The Israeli flag raising parade in which people marched on cars and on foot occurred in Jayapura, Papua, May 14, 2018. At least there were two videos went viral showing the Israeli flag raising activities allegedly carried out in the 2nd Kebaktian Budaya Bangsa commemoration at Waringin Kotaraja sports hall, Jayapura. (ann/sf-mut)

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