Erdogan Wins, Opportunity to Strengthen Indonesian Diplomacy For Palestine

28-06-2018 / B.K.S.A.P.

Vice chairperson of the Committee forInter-Parliamentary Cooperation (BKSAP) of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Rofi’ Munawar, stated that the re-election of Recep Tayyip Erdogan as President of Turkey can further strengthen Indonesia's diplomacy on the international level, especially on the issue of Palestine.


"If you look at President Erdogan's policy, it has quite a lot of similarities with Indonesian diplomatic policy so far, especially regarding the issue of Palestine. Of course this is a very good potential in encouraging increased relations between the two countries, "said Rofi' during the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) session in Cyprus on Wednesday (27/06/2018).


The Prosperous Justice Party faction (PKS) politician hoped the government would be more active in building relationship with the Turkish Government in some aspects in the future. Moreover, at this time those two countries have considerable advantages in the tourism, technology, and industry sector.


"Relationship that have been good so far should be developed towards a more productive direction for Indonesia. Furthermore,at the international level,it is expected to push forward a number of Indonesia’snational agenda ,"he said.


The Turkish Election Commission officially announced that Erdogan had won the majority votes and would lead Turkey in the next five years. With a total of 99 percent of the votes counted until yesterday, Erdogan earned 52.5 percent of the vote against his closest rival, Muharrem Ince, who earned 30.7 percent of the vote.


Meanwhile, the Erdogan Party, the Justice and Development Party (AKP), also received 42.5 percent of the vote in the legislative elections. They will form a majority coalition with the Nationalist Party (MHP) that received11 percent of the votes. (ann/sf-chan)

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